LVE Charitable Foundation regularly hosts a wide range of functions for a wide range of individuals and organizations. Being a charity we offer very competitive rates for the use of our Grade II listed building comprising Leyton Great Hall and The Chamber. Any surplus is used in the furtherance of our charitable aims and objectives.

We love to hear back from users of our venues and we’d certainly like to publish articles, photographs and YouTube videos of your event or an event that you have attended at either of our venues. With this in mind, we are happy to provide an incentive to encourage individuals and organizations to enable us to spread the word through our website.

If you submit an article with one or more photographs and/or videos which we publish on our website (and you are not an organization which already benefits from a regular contract discount) then we will offer you or your organization a 10% discount off the cost of your next hire of either or both of our venues if taken within one year of the original event, the subject of your article.

In respect of photographs (and YouTube videos) of your event, submission signifies that we may reproduce the photograph (or video) on our website and that you will indemnify us regarding copyright. In respect of any article, we reserve the right to tailor the wording to suit our “house style” but affirm that the meaning of the content will remain much the same.

This offer is limited solely to the cost of the venue hire, as we cannot control items such as catering, security, entertainment or other costs .

So what have you to lose? Nothing.

The LVE Charitable Foundation website is a living document of activity in the community so your contribution will remain for posterity and become part of our local history,

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