The Candlelight Club held its Halloween Ball at Leyton Great Hall and The Chamber on 28th October, 2017 and doubtless many of those present were glad that, on this night, the clocks fell back an hour to give them a little more time to recover.

Leyton Great Hall was The Ballroom for this period costume Halloween Ball, commencing with Auntie Maureen and followed by Champagne Charlie and the Bubbly Boys who were then joined by the Gatsby Girls.

The Chamber became the Cabaret Lounge and opened with the Creep Quartet playing classic horror movie themes including Night on a Bare Mountain, Dance Macabre and, close to the birthplace of Alfred Hitchcock, the chilling but very fitting Bernard Hermann classic from Psycho. The quartet was followed by The Cabaret of the Damned with Christian Lee, Florian Brooks, La Poule Plombee and Suri Sumatra.

A fine selection of food and beverages was laid on with panache.

As with all great events, the evening was over only too quickly but, judging by the laughter and general merriment, the evening was a great success and the revellers flew back to their caves to roost, tired from their efforts but with a great sense of a night well spent and another great success for Clayton Hartley.

By early the following morning there was no sign that anything wicked this way had come – and yet…..

There lingered the hint of a shadow of a doubt……

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