LVE Foundation is  launching a new project in 2017 called “Don’t get Court!”, which is going to be something quite unique. It’s an immersive drama project which we think will be a real trail-blazer.

We are proud to be working with the Metropolitan Police the Judiciary and eminent barristers on our project. More details will follow, as the plans become more concrete and we look forward to your active support of this exciting project.

Please donate via our GoFundMe page.

Our project, “Don’t Get Court!”, is focusing on the issues of how crime and a criminal record might affect the perpetrators’ and victims’ lives and the lives of their families. The project is aimed at people aged 14-18 years to help to prevent them becoming caught up in crime and gang culture and also to inspire them towards careers in some aspect of the law as police officers, lawyers or other aspects of the judicial system.

Day one

A trip to a custody suite so that participants can experience in full what it’s like to be fingerprinted and locked in a cell (we will be getting written permission from their parents or guardians). The day will also have talks from two police officers who are supporting our project.

Day two

An immersive drama workshop in a mock courtroom situation with role play and a real court case with the members of the class playing the roles of the perpetrator, the victims the jury and the police. We will have a real judge, barristers and police officers to add authenticity.

Day three

A day of reflection on the first two days with workshops on the issues of being a convicted criminal; issues including not being able to get employment, not being to travel to certain countries, loss of contact with family and friends and restrictions on certain of life’s pathways.

Your donations are being sought to cover the costs of the project including travel, room hire, refreshments, publicity material, mentoring, drama coaches and workshop facilitators, plus filming of the project by university media students. These additional aspects aim further to broaden the aspirations of the beneficiaries into these wider areas of study and employment.

We plan to start the roll-out of the project at the end of 2017 and to conduct four sets of workshops in the first year.

Partners include: Metropolitan Police, law firms, award-winning barristers, the judiciary, pupil referral units, schools, universities and local authorities.

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