LVE Charitable Foundation is the creator and principal funder of the “Don’t Get Court” © project. We recently took another group of young students through the day of their three-day project which looks at choices and consequences around gang involvement.

We are also currently working on a documentary with young people and a videographer who has worked on some very big TV shows ,

The plan is that this is going on to become a discussion piece for schools and colleges . We continue to work with the support of the Metropolitan Police on the project .

We now need to do a themed fundraising event and our young office workers are researching information to provide background for the event. A date when everyone of importance to the project is available will be announced in due course.

We also will be looking at funding for various other projects. The Mayor of London has a fund that is established to tackle gangs and this would fit the Don’t Get Court © project.

We also need to be more proactive in publicising our successes.

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