Leyton Great Hall and The Chamber hosted the Candlelight Club Summer Ball, 2017 – an Art Deco extravaganza in most appropriate surroundings and, as is usual with the Candlelight Club, a complete sell-out.

Guests all arrived in period costume and were treated to gastronomic magnificence and an evening of first-class entertainment. The evening was planned to the last detail and executed to perfection and we look forward to hosting their Halloween Ball.

The organizer, Clayton Hartley said, “A new venture for us in a new venue, this special ball featured two rooms of entertainment—a ballroom with live music from the Shirt Tail Stompers, dance routines from the Gatsby Girls and DJing from Auntie Maureen, and then the Cabaret Lounge with host Champagne Charlie, pianist Michael Roulston, burlesque bombshell Ruby Deshabille, gentleman juggler Ian Marchant and hula hoop artist and acrobat Abigail Collins. Meanwhile we had Hanson Leatherby’s photo studio in the lobby and tarot readers Foxglove and Pure Venom telling fortunes all night.

“As luck would have it an unexpected heatwave made things a bit sticky inside our wonderful Grade II listed venue, but a good time was had by all.

“We’re taking a break in August but we’ll be back at Leyton Great Hall on 28th October for a spectacular Halloween Ball.”

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