Shiloh is a little girl who suffers from cystic fibrosis. LVE Charitable Foundation recently provided Leyton Great Hall to enable a fundraising event to take place to raise more funds towards the vest that Shiloh needs.

On the night of the event almost £2,000 was raised and LVE Charitable Foundation has offered to make up the difference to round the figure up to £2,000.

Shiloh’s mum wrote to us, as follows:

“Thank you for your support in sponsoring us the hall for Shiloh’s fundraising event at which we raised £1,700 on the night. Without your generosity we would have not been able to hold such an important event in a beautiful venue like Leyton Great Hall and I am extremely grateful for that.

“2 Local papers in Waltham Forest and Redbridge have taken interest in Shiloh’s fundraising event at Leyton Great Hall and our sponsor for the night, LVE Charitable Foundation, as the LVECF logo was on all posters.

“I was interviewed and made a point of saying the LVE Charitable Foundation is outstanding for the local community by supporting underprivileged children and giving them the confidence to achieve their true potential so I was not surprised that the CEO, Mrs. Bellamy, was caring enough to want to help my daughter win her fight for life.

“Kind regards

“Nichol & Shiloh”

The following is the story on Shiloh’s GoFundMe Page:

Our beautiful Shiloh was born with Cystic Fibrosis but this doesn’t stop her! However over the last 2 years she has developed serious allergies to fungal spores that are using her precious little lungs as a greenhouse.

Because of the Cystic Fibrosis causing thickening of mucus and her not being able to cough it up like the average person can, this has enabled the fungal spores to grow, spread and remain there causing reduced lung capacity and risk of further complications. Loh is a little powerhouse who recovered from pneumonia with just one lung functioning in the past year.

Loh goes into Great Ormond Street every three month for specialist invasive treatment to her lungs she’s had 5 treatments so far.

Cystic Fibrosis affects so much of Loh ‘s life. Every day she takes a huge range of oral medication, uses a nebuliser and has a physiotherapy regime all before school and again at bedtime. The condition and treatment has given her muscle weakness and tiredness, sometimes she is too exhausted to even do her physio that she can’t live without. She has to have this twice a day.

It’s a vicious circle. Loh needs to be able to run around to loosen the mucus so she can cough up but when she’s exhausted she can’t which makes it unhealthily build up.

We are looking to buy a specialist inflatable vest that will shake and loosen up the mucus to support the ongoing treatment she’s having. This amazing piece of equipment can cost anything from £7000 to £10000 and sadly the NHS are unable to fund this so we are appealing for your help and also will be organising fund raising activities.

William Bellamy Primary School where Shiloh attends has very generously agreed to match whatever is raised by pupils and parents in their fundraising efforts. Due to unforeseen circumstances Shiloh is now in the process of transferring schools.

If you would like to support Shiloh then please click the button and you will be taken directly to her GoFundMe page. Thank you.

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