Looks like they made it!!!

If a picture paints a thousand words then why don’t we paint 10,000 words showing how 16 year old Lili Newland, with some of her classmates, successfully reached Everest Base Camp to raise funds for The LVE Charitable Foundation?

What a tremendous achievement.

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If you have already donated in support of Lili’s most excellent adventure then please accept our most sincere thanks.

If you would like to donate knowing that Lili has succeeded in her quest then please do so now.

Let’s do this thing!

Look! No Sherpas!

I love to go a-wandering….

….. along the mountainside!

The top of the world!

Everest Base Camp.

High point.

This is success. This is achievement. This is the best feeling in the whole, wide world.

The LVE Charitable Foundation extends its thanks to all those involved in Lili’s Everest Adventure. Thanks to the organizers, thanks to all those who provided support and encouragement and thanks to those who also served  by having to stand and wait.

Lili’s Everest Adventure has raised thousands of pounds to facilitate our projects, which help and empower other young people who, through no fault of their own, need a helping hand to gain a firm foothold, as they step onto the ladder of their young, adult lives. Thank you, Lili.