LVE Charitable Foundation is pleased to report on the outcome of this very worthwhile project, of which it was an active supporter and sponsor.

“Drum roll please…  Ravenswood for Eat or Heat 2018 raised over £7,000!

“We would like to thank Stow Brothers, Perky Blenders, Eat17, Sodo, LVE Charitable Foundation, and by Waltham Forest Council for their support – the day would not have been possible without it – as well as the venues themselves. We’re incredibly pleased to have raised this money for Eat or Heat, a great local chairty that is thoroughly deserving of our support!

“Drum and Bass legend Nicky Blackmarket had Wild Card Brewery bouncing, Anna Prior from Metronomy pushed the House and Disco vibe in Pillars, Flamingods dropped some eclectic world beats in The Real Al, and Beatmax and Mama Calor had people dancing to Peruvian Cumbias in Mother’s Ruin! And the curtain raiser with Andrew Weatherall in January sold out in a day!

“Thank you all for attending and for your support – Stephen, Mark, and Dan!”

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