Create 1,000 smiles this Christmas

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We would love your support as we look to get 1000 smiles at the biggest Christmas pantomime in Waltham Forest this year. The looked after children or children from families whom use food banks will be offered the tickets to bring joy and musical stimulation to the young people’s Christmas Holidays as well as making the children feel part of the community.

To reward anyone donating £100 or more we will place your company logo or family name on our wall of thanks at the entrance to the theatre throughout the Pantomime period 10th December – 31st December as well as express our thanks across all social media networks.

£10 will give 1 x ticket

£20 will give 2 x tickets

£50 will give 5 x tickets

£100 will give 10 x tickets

£250 will give 25 x tickets

£500 will give 50 x tickets

£1000 will give 100 x tickets

We help young people achieve above and beyond society’s expectations of them – LVE Charitable Foundation.