“Our young people are the entrepreneurs, community leaders, innovators, role-models, employers and workforce of the future.”

Mission Statement

”To work with young people from North London and the Lee Valley Corridor to help them to achieve above and beyond society’s expectations of them in terms of work, leisure, and their community.”

The Foundation has been created with a view to improving the lives of young people. Founded by Michael Polledri MBE, Chairman of Lee Valley Estates, the focus will be on the geographical area in which Lee Valley Estates have operated since 1990.

Our aim is to identify and assist young people who, for whatever reason, cannot find the full support they require to help them attain their goals. The support available can take many forms e.g. financial, training, mentoring, work placement, etc., and will be designed to fit each individual’s needs. We believe in being flexible.

Our young people are the entrepreneurs, community leaders, innovators, role-models, employers, and workforce of the future.


Videos produced and directed by Simon Hanning. Executive Producer, Karen Bellamy.

Pauline Campbell, Senior Litigation Lawyer, London Borough of Waltham Forest.

In October 2021, LVE Charitable Foundation showed true community spirit in celebrating Black History Month with Waltham Forest Council’s Race Equality Network, (REN) not only by donating the venue and lighting expertise for free but also working alongside REN, with events manager Maria and lighting engineer Simon taking a significant role in helping to make the Lip Sync Night a mammoth success. As well as performances from Waltham Forest staff, the amazing young dance troop, L.E.A.D.E.R.S Community shone on stage making it an unforgettable evening.

Waltham Forest Music Education Hub

We at Waltham Forest Music Education Hub have held events at Leyton Great Hall on a number of occasions and have found the venue to be extremely helpful and highly organized. Maria and the team at Leyton Great Hall are very supportive of community events, especially when it comes to providing a performance platform for young people. They bent over backward to help us in organizing our large-scale schools’ concerts and partnership events such as this autumn’s Together in Sound Concert in partnership with Chineke! Foundation and NMC Recordings.


We thank you for your ongoing support and your kind and generous donations which greatly help us to continue and provide to people in need of all faiths and beliefs in our community.

Waltham Forest Music

LVE Foundation has generously supported our events for young people in the borough of Waltham Forest which has helped support our strategy of diversity, our offer, and accessibility for our young people living in different parts of the borough.

Natural Voices

We wanted to create an inspiring choral cultural event in and with all our communities. We aimed for a free-to-attend event. Karen Bellamy, on hearing of our work, stepped in and offered Leyton Great Hall to put on the event at no cost. It was this decision alone that enabled us to deliver our event for free. It was the most beautiful example of someone who truly wishes to make a difference.

LEADERS Community

LEADERS Community wishes to thank the LVE Foundation for its continuous support over the years. We would not be able to deliver our socially inclusive programmes, especially around Dance, Drama, and Spoken word.

Metropolitan Police

My sincere thanks to the LVE Foundation for supporting Junior Citizens. Not only did you provide the venue but also produced workshops tackling knife crime. You were a tremendous support to the event organizers and pupils.


We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our work helping to bridge the gap between the commercial dance industry and our local communities.

Apollo Music

We are hugely grateful to be beneficiaries of the generosity of the LVE Foundation. The Foundation helps Apollo Music to achieve our aims of inspiring local school children by helping to raise their aspirations, as well as increasing access to arts and culture more widely.

Roz Gordon, Head of Community Investment, PCF Waltham Forest

“Your support enabled PCF to collaborate with many partners and employers to give residents the opportunity to access jobs and training providers, while bolstering our corporate Employment & training target to support 1000 people into jobs yearly.

“I would like to reiterate my appreciation to your excellent customer-focused and professional team that supported us in advance of and throughout the day, with a venue and accessible facilities that superseded our expectations, enabling the day to be a success.

“I have no hesitation in recommending the venue and its resources to other business partners, residents, and associates; and will endeavour to do this diligently.

“Thank you Karen for your support and look forward to our next Careers Fair.”

LVE Charitable Foundation Promo Video